Hitch 2


Hey yall, coming from Waco, TX. Things are going great down here in the Waco. We have the visitor use surveys down to a science and we are also beginning to get used to the Texas weather… 90 degrees beginning to feel more like 80 degrees and 70 degrees is too cold to go into the water. For our conservation day we helped the Lake Waco SCA interns with trail maintenance. We cleared about four hundred yards of trail using a weed eater, loppers, and our hands. Then the SCA interns were kind enough to give us a tour of the rest of the parks on Lake Waco and explain what they do on a day to day basis.

For our off time we decided to head on up to Dallas for the day:
• We explored the Dallas Aquarium
• We visited the John F. Kennedy Memorial and Museum
• We went to a Texas Rangers baseball game in the evening.

The JFK memorial and museum was incredible and very moving. We learned a lot about his life history and the assassination in Dallas.
The Rangers the faced off with the Detroit Tigers… which two of our team member are diehard fans. At the aquarium we saw an assortment of animals, including monkeys, lizards, leopards, sharks, birds, and the list goes on. The baseball game was fun, although, extremely hot with the temperature nearing 107 degrees Fahrenheit. Things started out good for the Tigers, holding a 2-1 lead during the first three innings. In the 4th inning the Texas scored four runs of which the Tigers were not quite able to recover from, losing 7-5. Even though the Tigers came out on the losing end, for our two Michiganders, everyone seemed to of had fun. The more time we spend down here we discover more and more exciting things to do.