Hitch 14: End of the Road WC


Hitch 14 marked the end of our field season. It was filled with new experiences, old friends and overwhelming amounts of ice cream. We started off the hitch by heading north to the Sacatar Trail Wilderness where we spent 3 days hunting for archaeological features and artifacts. With the help of the Rands and Jawbone crews and a rambunctious helper named Ellie we were able to find over 200 milling stones, projectile points and bifaces. On day 5 we headed out to Jawbone’s home base to join with the rest of the DRC for our final All Corps event. The days flew by in the company of our fellow corps members leaving us with fleeting memories of completed incursions, fruit kabobs, sing-alongs, non-swag, goodbyes, and one giant super moon.

This hitch represents exactly what WildCorps has been about all season. A new area to discover (with a long commute), crazy terrain to navigate the trailer through, beautiful campsite vistas, new tasks to master, old skills to re-learn, BLM provided treats, wind avoidance with ultimate failure, star filled nights, rest stops for cold beverages, inside jokes, dusty roads and at the end of the day relaxing among familiar faces.

These past 8 months have been an incredible experience and hopefully as we go our separate ways we can say that this isn’t a final farewell, only goodbye for now.

Peace out,
WildCorps Xl