Hitch 12 marks the last hitch of the season! We did many of projects including Fencing in Grass Valley, erosion control in Owens Peak Wilderness, and getting an early start on packing up for the end of the season.  Although we were not in the field for a long extended period of time, we still faced challenges with the climate. While working on the fence, it got up to 103 degrees Fahrenheit in grass valley! There were also very high wind speeds the night we spent at the base of Owens Peak that got so high it was hard for some of our members to sleep! Our time in the field with SCA has been awesome and very rewarding for all of our members. We all are proud of our work in Kiavah and throughout Ridgecrest and the Mojave desert and hope it leaves a positive effect on our desert for years to come. A few of our highlights this season include: over 3 miles of fence completed this season; Erosion control on a steep hill climb which required materials to be brought up; Will Hagen getting his ear pierced by a tree on his first day; “I LIKE CUTE!”; Molly having narcolepsy around the house; Yelling at Mal around the house whens she’s “plugged in”; Sam’s beard comb; Charlie’s new DRC girlfriend and Auroa bringing in a few Shoshone bachelor. All in all it has been a great season and we are all looking forward to helping the environment in new ways!