Hitch #11 – Ukiah – Haiku backwards!


This hitch, Wildcorps spent most of their time cleaning up an illegal marijuana grow site in the Cache Creek Wilderness. A Mexican cartel was responsible for the destruction of this portion of the wilderness and for all of the refuse littering the site. Assisting Wildcorps were Gary Sharpe, the assistant Ukiah BLM district manager, and bazooka Joe, our armed escort in case mischievous cartel workers should cross our path. Fortunately, Cache Creek Wilderness was a very peaceful and beautiful locale. Volunteer horsepackers led by Bill Knispel eagerly assisted the crew by packing in gear and water. All told, approximately 1000 pounds of garbage was gathered up. This garbage mainly consisted of water piping that was laid out in grid patterns amidst a maze of chemise.

In addition to the cleanup work, Wildcorps also widened a large swath of the Blue Ridge Trail.

Here are the numbers:
1000 pounds of trash collected
2730 ft of trail widened