Hitch 10 South Zone, Hitch Lead: Eric Member: Jason, Steph, Dan


SZ Trails: Hitch 10 Hitch Lead: Eric Hitch Members: Dan, Jason, Steph, Digging in a foot of mud and frequent gunshots in the background is reminiscent of a war zone. In fact, we were doing trail maintenance on Corral Creek during hunting season. We were all about safety though; Bright yellow helmets and orange safety jackets. The work centered on drainage structures: Dip Drains, Rock Water Bars and Check Steps. When we returned for the second week, the weekend rain proved our structures to be successful. Wildlife we saw included a red-tailed hawk and the occasional scared deer. The totals for the work we completed: 100′ Tred Maintenance, 800′ Brushing, 1 Wood Water Bar, 4 Rock Check Steps, 13 Rock Water Bars, 28 Dip Drains.