Hitch 10: On the Fence


The tenth hitch of the marvelous Owens Peak Wilderness Crew began with the addition of an important new member, Mr. Steve E. Chuckles, a pug dog with the neck of a linebacker and a heart of gold. Armed with disarmingly good looks and a propensity for napping, Mr. Chuckles’ addition to crew life had an undeniably positive effect. When asked why he came to the crew house he replied, “I could see that I was needed here. There’s work to be done”.

And what wise words these turned out to be. The crew did indeed have quite the workload, and the work was fencing. With the aid of Mr. Chuckles’ strong shoulders, the crew strung fence so strong and so straight that even the most determined of trespassers would think twice about trying to breech the formidable defenses of the wilderness. In the face of adversity, once more embodied by strong canyon winds gusting over 50 miles per hour, the once naked and vulnerable areas of Nine Mile Canyon and the Spring Creek Trail were clothed in beautiful shimmering wire, of both barbed and smooth varieties.

Upon completion of their work, and retreating from merciless wind to the safe confines of Crew Headquarters in Ridgecrest, the brave stewards of Owens Peak looked upon all that the had done, smiled and said “It is good”. Mr. Steve E. Chuckles smiled with them and then took a nap. Lulled into that magical slumber brought on only by hard work, the crew rested a night, only to wake on post-hitch morning to find their new pug-dog companion gone. He left only a note written in Pugspeak. Fortunately, crew member Brendan Knipfing, a polyglot of immense talent, was able to translate this message; “Press onward, ye fine stewards. Rejoice in thy work and thy friendship. Woof”.

-Clayton Buffer

Ed. Note: Mr. Steve E. Chuckles currently resides in the Ridgecrest Animal Shelter, where he was brought on Prehitch 10. If you are a kind and loving soul, please consider adopting our dear friend.