Hitch 1


October 17 – October 29, 2011

Well, we got off of a successful first 10-day hitch and are looking forward to enjoying the weekend in Tallahassee! This hitch we stepped up our efforts to get in touch with Wakulla County area community members to spark some interest in the Florida Trail. We presented to the Wakulla County Board of Commissioners on the 17th and a couple of other local groups throughout the hitch.

While we weren’t reaching out to the community, we were getting dirty with some gear and tool maintenance at the Thompson Property where we live, getting the Florida Trail equipment back into decent shape in preparation for use over the next few months. Oh, and speaking of using the tools, we used the tools to maintain about six miles of trail this hitch through the Cathedral of Palms and Shephard Spring section!

The highlight of the hitch was the Pine Log Gathering in Pine Log State Forest out west. It was a gathering of the FTA Panhandle Chapters to meet, hike and plan. We met a lot of great folks that we are looking forward to working with in the future and got to hike on a couple of great sections of trail: Eglin and Econfina Creek.

– Michael Swanberg