High five to year number five


Going from a crew member to intern to now crew leader apprentice is tough enough but trying to balance being a leader while being a “friend” is even more difficult. But like all things involving SCA it is a challenge and I accepted it with a open mind.

My crew this year was built up of 10 wonderful strong-willed teenagers and two hard working crew leaders. Like every challenge it was tough at first. The teens had a different vision about what SCA was really all about. When they realize what they were in for, they were shocked. Nonetheless, they completed everything that was thrown their way. By the end of it all, they looked at there masterpiece and signed there name in the corner.

My crew has done everything from trailwork to creating a rock wall. However, one thing that they have perfected were check steps. Each one of them can put it in by themselves and it would be correct. Even though that is a wonderful thing what I love the most about this crew is the teamwork and how we are all one big family. Everyone has a special talent and with everyone working together we can do anything.

As this summer is about to end and the program is about to come to a close I can’t help to to stand back and look at my family and smile. They have made my fifth year in SCA one of the best years. I will always remember them and how no matter what they never gave up. I love them and they are the reason why I am going to do SCA all over again next year.