Hello Brendan


I was born and grew up in Newbury NH. I graduated from Kearsarge Regional High School in 2009 and attended Keene State College and received my Bachelor’s degree in Geology this year. I have a strong interest and have been studying math and science throughout the majority of my life. My father was a science teacher, my mom was a geology major, and both of them inspired me to pursue a career in science.


     In 2011, I went to my first internship working at the Arkansas Center for Space and Planetary Sciences at the University of Arkansas. I worked in an isotope lab extracting magnesium isotopes from Martian meteorites to determine the mass ratios between the meteorites, basalts, moon rocks, and chondrite meteorites. What I have found shocking was that they all have the same ratio of masses, which tells me that the terrestrial planets have been made by chondrite meteorites. On my senior year, I worked with a professor on finding the particle size distribution of biodiesel vs diesel fuel combustion. Biodiesel particles have agglomerates that are in a shape of a sphere and diesel particles have agglomerates that are in chain-like form. Biodiesel particles have a wider diameter and diesel particles have a smaller diameter.


     My interests other than science are driving, biking, lifting, kung fu, hiking, writing, and drawing. Whenever I am done working for the day, I like to listen to the radio, surf the web, contact my friends on facebook, and hang out with my friends anywhere I go. I like to dance whenever I am in a party or a club having a good time. I like to make new friends and travel to different parts of the world. In 2008, I have visited Greece and Italy, I went to Canada a few times, and the farthest south I ever traveled to was Houston Texas.

Written by Brendan Clement