Hello Amanda


My name is Amanda Pavelko. I am 4ft 11in SHAWTY!!  I am from Willmar Minnesooota. I was originally born in Spokane Washington, and moved to Duluth Minnesooota. At the age of 12 I was adopted by my family in Willmar.  I love being outdoors and being a little Dora the explorer….except I don’t have the sweet monkey companion, maybe someday. Some of my other favorite activities include horses, running, fishing, hunting, camping, writing, and OF CORSE snowmobiling in the GREAT Minnesnowta. I listen to all kinds of music but pretty much LOVE Luke Bryan….well and all other country music singer but I really do like Luke Bryan A TON!…I’m pretty much a big goofy goofball.  I joined the SCA to increase my knowledge on conservation and to explore possible career paths. I do not yet have a specific major, and am currently taking some time off from collegiate study to explore possible interests of study. I have the great honor of being a part of the Mississippi team in Oxford. I am so excited to be able to experience the culture and history that the town of Oxford has to offer. I’m a pretty wild and crazy person and love to have fun if you haven’t already noticed. WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!