The heat is on


The weather has finally decided to cool off here and the crew absolutely loves it! Since we’ve started, the temperature has ranged from the upper ninety’s to the triple digits, with a heat index this past Saturday of 110! But don’t worry, the crew has been drinking plenty of water and our work has kept us either in the shade pulling the highly invasive Mile-a-Minute or in the creek searching for the Rusty Crayfish.

Even though it has been storming all afternoon here, we still managed to pull 27 full trash bags of the Mile-a-Minute! After the first day of pulling the Mile-a-Minute weed, the crew realized how harsh the tiny vine is on your forearms, so we went to a local store and purchased some fancy socks to make into arm guards. We began the day with a nice nature walk, learning about some of the wildlife we may encounter throughout the park. We managed to spot some small bucks, barn swallows, Gadwalls, geese, and a Merganser. I’m a little bit of a “bird nerd” so I enjoyed the hike immensely.