Harvest Time – TTOC July Community Garden Update


We held a community garden planting at the Community Center in Connellsville. We had a boy volunteer named Robert who was a great help, and who we’ll try to get to come help at our next event. Recently another Connellsville resident talked about helping out too, so both of them can come next time we harvest vegetables or something along those lines.

On 7/11 we harvested thirty pounds of produce from the Armory plot garden and gave it to the food bank. They were well received, people were very pleased. There were peppers, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, swiss chard, and onions. The harvesting is always fun, and the only downside was that there were a couple of zucchini and squash that we got to too late and the sun had already done its damage. I’ve relayed the message to other co-workers responsible for watering, that any time they see something ripe just pick it and either give it to the food bank themselves, or bring it to the office sometime soon so that I can bring it to the food bank.

In addition, I am continuing work on developing an in-ground watering system to reduce water needs in raised beds and am building bamboo trellises.

~Joe Crumbley