Happy AmeriCorps Week!


SCA works better because #AmeriCorpsWorks.

SCA has been a proud partner of AmeriCorps since the program was created back in 1994. The 19,000 AmeriCorps members that have served with SCA since that time have dedicated over 10.4 million hours to protecting, studying, and promoting the spaces where nature thrives all over the country, from cozy community parks in bustling urban centers to vast and remote wilderness reserves.

When we say Happy AmeriCorps Week, we mean it with all of our hearts, because WE LOVE AMERICORPS! Check out any of these stories, all of them featuring SCA AmeriCorps members, to see why.

Head here for more information on how we partner with AmeriCorps to get things done.

SCA works better because #AmeriCorpsWorks.

Number of SCA Americorps members since 1994: 19,063. Total Number of house served by SCA Americorps members since 1994: 10,406,055.