Happy 4th of July


Hello this is your hitch leader number two here Nakeda. Okay let me start off saying that the Mississippi Team is great!!!! Let me tell you all about what went all last week and the week before. I enjoyed being hitch leader. I got a chance to try new things, for example, meals. On Monday only two of the teams had to work and I was one that was on the team that had to work. It was a good day. We also had team switch up. I welcomed my new partner, Brendan, to team c which I did not move from. On the next day we all had went down to the Humane Society here in town which was great considering we all got a chance to see all kind of animals. I unraveled newspaper for the puppies. Amanda cleaned in both cat and dog areas. John helped with the outside work. Keith washed out doggy kettles. Brendon washed the dishes. We all had fun while along the way played with the animals. It was a great and cool day!! I made homemade peach pie with baked chicken and boneless pork chops with mixed veggies and homemade scallop potatoes. That Monday after work which I was very excited to cook which was Jell-O for desert barbeque boneless chicken and broccoli and cheese. I and Sophie worked out the entire week doing insanity and hip hop abs. Bud and Bianca came to visit us on Wednesday and they left to go back Nashville on that Thursday morning. We all went out on the town and just sat around and talked and laughed. Sophie went to a picnic on Friday and stayed until Saturday. The following week was 4th of July week and I had to work on the 4th which was very interesting because the second site was busy so I really did not get a chance to sit down. Watch Brendan’s Happy 4th of July video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJavpUUc0XE Sophie and Amanda went to Nashville to go see Nashville team because they did not have to work. I had made homemade pizza and Sophie helped with the dough it was very delicious!! Everyone had a good two weeks and a wonderful after the Fourth of July weekend. I took Brendan to go see the fireworks which was very nice. Sadly to say my hitch lead has ended and a new one has begun so congrats to the new hitch leader Brendan!!!!