Haiku Report


Some Haikus about
Painting Docks and a Dam Tour
Conservation Day, Cordell Hull

PT 1

Groggy bodies move
Drive through green hills and arrive
Hills murmuring calm

Rangers and fences
Lead us to the beastly Dam.
Water/human machine!

Unyielding to trout
Obstructed, the Cumberland fuels
Homes for the people.

Old-school control board
Panels, TVS, blinking lights
And one man stares, sits.

No-nonsense tour guide
Flicks her cig in the spillway
“Those mills are covered in lead!”

Toils of a machine
Clogging with trash and seeping water
Pondering the future

a smiling “bye!”
better than some, not so bad,
Yankees and liberals.

Pt. 2

We are handing out
Comment cards to spread
Safety to swimmers

Sitting by the lake
Eating lunch chatting with our
Two friendly rangers.

Defeated Creek camp
Kind couples, demure, in sun.
Grinning in hammocks.

Painting WEAR IT, bold
orange life jackets on docks.
we work as a team.

Written by Brenna Taylor