Group 2 Arrives, Then the Snow


This Post is by Alternative Spring Break Crew 2

Snow in the Grand Canyon

After some exciting travel experiences (including lost luggage, lost driver’s license, and lost people), the crew finally all arrived at the Grand Canyon ready for adventures. After a bracing/frigid/chilly/exciting evening, the crew woke up ready for more awesome cooking from their intrepid kitchen deity, Emily. To reacquaint themselves with limbs they had lost the feeling from, the group led each other in stretches, followed by general orientation to the week and its rules from Rebecca and Emily, then a game by Yoga Master Sam.

The group piled into the vans to journey to the Veg Center where it was warmer. The group drank tea and hot cocoa as the valiant leaders inspired the group with a talk about the SCA’s history and goals and how American Eagle helped make this trip possible. This was followed by the distribution of some nifty swag.

Then National Park Service people came in to tell the group about the history of the park and the details of the CVIP (Canyon View Information Plaza) Salvage Project that the group will be working on. In order to accommodate increased traffic and to decrease stress on the canyon, the park has decided to move the road so that it is farther away from the canyon rim. However, there are many important plants that will be destroyed if they are not removed. This is where the SCA crew comes in: they will be digging plants up from the intended construction site and putting them into a nursery where the plants will wait until they can be replanted somewhere else.

Eagerly, the crew leapt upon the project like caffeinated cheetahs, getting done a prodigious amount of work in the few hours that the crew had to work after being oriented in spite of the strange Dippin’ Dots-like snow that fell on them while working. Afterwards the group had an empowering session of sharing what they’ve enjoyed about the week and what they look forward to. Now, the crew works on their chores, eagerly awaiting dinner and the continuation of the week.

snowy canyon