Goodbye Member Housing!


As the year draws to a close, many things in member housing has to be dealt with. The first thing our crew did was clean the house and make sure there was no damaged that had gone unnoticed. This helped us ensure that the full deposit is returned to the SCA. Cleaning was done together in common areas and individually in personal space.
We also gathered our personal possessions and organized them to be packed. Doing this sooner rather than later aided in accounting for personal possessions and for packing and organizing SCA items. Packing went well because we allowed ourselves plenty of time to do so. Additionally we inventoried and packed all of the Army Corps survey equipment. It should be noted that the original boxes that all of the equipment came in was kept at the beginning of the year and this made it very easy to pack away.
We also have made sure that SCA provided food is being eaten and that none is going to waste. We have kept in mind that this was going to need to be done and planned ahead. Stopping buying perishable foods such as meats and vegetables proved to be very important. By planning ahead we have managed to avoid wasting food and this should be done in future years.
As the year wraps up it has been our preparation in the last few weeks that has been some of the most helpful and important things we have done in regard to housing throughout the season.

Written by Gabriel