Gary workshop teaches benefits of rain barrels


Post-Tribune on SCA Workshop

Visitors to the recent Rain Barrel and Rain Garden Workshop at the Douglas Environmental Center in Gary gained more than just information about recycling water and building a rain garden. They also learned exactly what to plant in those gardens, and received a rain barrel for their home.

“We encourage everyone to use these rain barrels (to recycle rain water) and you don’t have to limit yourself to only one,” said Grayling Brown, member of the Student Conservation Association.

“There’s a big benefit involved here — saving money on water bills as we maintain our gardens and landscaping.”

The SCA is a national non-profit with hundreds of teams throughout the U. S. working on projects dedicated to good stewardship over land and communities.

Other topics discussed included the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Goals, presented by the Gary Storm Water Management District; Benefits of a Rain Barrel to Homeowners; Basics of a Rain Garden; Introduction to Native Plants; and Storm Water Pollution Prevention for Citizens, all presented by members of the SCA.

“People need to know about their environment and what they can do to help,” said SCA team leader Jessica Zimmerman.

The GLRI’s mission includes a partnership with the Gary Storm Water Management District and the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority, as well as the SCA. The grant funding the projects is from the Environmental Protection Agency to address water quality in the Great Lakes region.

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Gary workshop teaches benefits of rain barrels

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