Gary: Recruitment Representative


gary rowe

Q: As SCA’s Northeast representative, what was an interesting experience you had on the road?

A: Besides life on the road in and of itself, which included being caught in snow storms, getting lost (more than a couple of times), and some less than appealing hotel stays… I would say that my most memorable experience was getting to catch a Syracuse Orange Basketball game at the Carrier Dome for the first time. Being a life long Syracuse fan, I found it to be an awesome experience and to top it all off, I ran in to a guy selling tickets and with a little help from a friend, I was given a free ticket to the game!

Q: In your experience, does the general attitude people hold towards conservation and the environment differ region to region?

A: I believe that attitudes do very quite a bit from area to area. For instance, you have areas like California where they are continually raising the bar for different areas of conservation all the way down to Nevada, where the dollar dictates the policies ranging from mining practices to the use of water in the state.

I do feel however, that as things like Global Warming and escalation of gas prices continue to make headlines that attitudes towards the environment and conservation are beginning to change for the better.

Q: If you were appointed Administrator of the US EPA for 1 month what would be your number one priority?

A: Well, in a month I don’t think anything could be accomplished given the pace at which the government moves. But, I would make fuel efficiency in automobiles and controlling emissions from major plants two of my top priorities.