Friday Night Game Night!


Finally the week is coming to an end. It was a tough week for the CLC leaders, but we were still enthusiastic about our preparation for Saturday’s event. The members were excited about the upcoming Concord Audubon event and were looking forward to see the facility participate in some great service and learn about the history of the Audubon. First though, we had to really get the Audubon’s mission across. The CLC leaders felt that the best way to do that was to play some relatable board games! Of course, like most of the members of the SCA, we couldn’t just have an entire day of sitting around and playing board games. So we started the meeting off with an exciting game of TAG! This wasn’t the game of tag you might have grown up with when you were a kid, this game was different, because in TAG, everybody is it. The members had a blast and were able to burn off a good amount of energy.

The board games we decided to play were actually given to us by the Audubon center, which made them that much more relatable to the service we would be providing on Saturday. The games we played were based on endangered species and recycling. The endangered species game helped the members understand the complexities in helping out endangered species and the work and money that may go into the protection of certain species. The game included animals that we would have a chance to see or hear about at the Audubon, like the American Bald Eagle, or the Maned Wolf. The recycling game helped the students understand the importance of reducing waste and how wasting mindlessly can be costly and damaging to any kind of system. The Concord Audubon center really prides itself in their green facility that helps patrons become more mindful about their trash. We explained how at the Audubon center they would see things like compostable toilets, convenient recycling spots, and even a restriction of general wasteful resources like bottled water or individually packaged snacks. They were able to make the connection quit easily.

We ended the meeting with our break and said good bye to our students for that day. We told them that we were looking forward to seeing them the next day to do some great hands-on service for our community and for our planet.