Fresh Prince of Coso Wilderness: Sierra Crew Hitch 13



The following blog should be read to the rhythm of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song:


Now, this is a story all about how

my hitch got flipped-turned upside down

and I’d like to take a minute

Just listen to this

I’ll tell you all about a crew in the Coso Wilderness


In Southern California, Coso Range

Where me and my crew spent all of ten days


Workin out max and relaxing on our breaks

Eatin cous cous and dreamin about steaks


When a couple of holes that wouldn’t go deep

Started making trouble like the wind at SEEP


I got in one little fight with the digging bar

And the next day my back was like, “You’re workin too hard!”


I whistled to my crew and when they came near

I said, “Listen up yo, let’s make some incursions disappear”


I pulled up to the site after breakfast we ate

And by the end of the day that incursion looked great


Looked at our kingdom in the Coso Range

What a beautiful place, I hope it doesn’t change


-Anne (with the help of my crew)