Free Time on Hitch


By: John Simkins

Being out in the great, majestic parks of Massachusetts it can be difficult to keep up with the same hobbies that occupied our free time at home. There are (most likely) no TVs, computers and rarely any wifi or outlets. We each have our own means of filling this time however, or we quickly find one.

From running to playing the guitar, our campsites in the evenings are a great mix of various methods of entertainment. For me personally, it’s been a bit difficult too keep up with the hobbies and pastimes that have filled my time before this program, but one finds a way to overcome. The riggers and trials of camp life make it difficult to draw and keep a sketchbook clean, let alone dry if it begins to rain. The same could be said about everything you bring on hitch.

In the end, however, there are few better comforts than that you find around camp under the setting sun. There’s a profound calming being out in the wilderness with friends, the sound of companionship and the stray melodies of music winding their way through the cooling twighlight air. It’s a perfect setting for relaxation and bonding after a hard days work.