Fish Attractor Assembly Part Deux


7/24/12: Fish Attractor Assembly Part Deux

Today we split up into three teams of two and dispersed ourselves around Lake Lanier. One team was checking bluebird boxes, another was checking gypsy moth traps, and my team was continuing to put together the fish attractors that we started a couple of weeks ago. The fish attractors, made of PVC pipe, are meant to be submerged into the lake to create a manmade habitat for fish. Natural habitats such as logs, brush, and stumps degrade over time, so having these non-biodegradable structures helps to create a stable environment for the fish. Since the attractors were already assembled from the other week, all we had to do today was fill them with concrete so that they will sink more easily when we put them in the lake. The next step will be going out on a boat to actually submerge them, which is the part everyone is looking forward to.

Written by Mia.