First Five (Member Orientation)


The Jawboners have landed! We spent the first five days of our season getting to know each other, our area, our stuff, and playing lots of games involving animals. After a day of taking in lots of important information and getting to know our vehicles, we set off for two nights in beautiful Jawbone. We may never like any campsite more than this one, which had a hole that provided endless hours of entertainment for the crew, now expert rock-tossers. Our time in the field was chock-full of excitement, from rats and snakes around camp to forming a community contract and seeing a coyote. We even climbed a mountain! We took the scenic route up Scodie Peak, the highest peak in the mountain range that runs through Jawbone. On the way, the crew bravely overcame rattlesnakes, bee stings, beavertail cactus, and a false summit to make it to the 7,294-foot peak. Back in town and thoroughly oriented, there was preparation for training (Septoberfest) to be done and pizza to be eaten! The four Ridgecrest-based crews met up on the last night of First Five for a pizza party and ultimate Frisbee. We are all excited for the season to come!