First Five


The crew arrived in Ridgecrest rip-roaring and ready to go! The first five days were a wonderful experience to learn and get to know one another. Our house serves as a cozy abode where all sorts of fun games and activities can go down, I must say 713 E. Church is a pretty sweet place to live. Our impressions of the town are that the people are splendid and quaint while the area surrounding is mad beautiful. We have been on a grand tour to see the sights of the town and had a brief opportunity to introduce ourselves to the other crews while indulging with some za. The pizza fiesta was a great way to relieve our minds after a few days filled with information and community building. The highlight of the first five was our night out in the wilderness. We embarked on an adventure filled night/morning to the Golden Valley Wilderness, a place that we will all come to cherish over the season. We arrived after dark to a sky filled with more stars than any of us had ever seen. The temperature was perfect and we had little idea what the area around us looked like since the endeavor out to the field began after dark. The sun came up and our eyes caught our first glimpse of a serene valley filled with the beautiful colors of the sun cresting the horizon. After breakfast, our courageous leader led us on a hike up to a peak in the wilderness. The views were fantastic and the peace we found on top was unmatched. It was like putting on noise cancelling headphones with a view that took our breaths away, truly beautiful. We set out for all kinds of training tomorrow and all of us are excited to get out into the field for 17 days. None of us know what to expect but this is also what we came to the desert for. A day of preparation and packing is all that stands between us and the wild. Keeping it real since 2011, Golden Valley Crew