First Day of School


By: Sierra Kross

We had our first day of school, on the 15th of November 2016! We geared up in our blue SCA fleeces and shiny name tags to walk into 11 schools collectively at 8 am on Tuesday morning. Two members were selected to be at each school for one to three days at a time, with six members additionally having “conservation placements” with the Department of Conservation and Recreation, Arcadia School, NESEA, Red Gate Farm, or Leave No Trace. As a collective, we will be reaching approximately 3,000 students in Western Massachusetts. Basically, we’ll be keeping busy this education season.

This week was mostly meant for members to get accustomed to our schools through observation, networking, and classroom introductions. For most of us, this was the first time entering a grade school in roughly ten years as an authority figure. We were eager, yet nervous, approaching the school or organization that we will spend five months with, like we were the students starting school.  Undoubtedly, we entered a new journey of growth and discovery as we began our first day. Weeks of preparation and training, in addition to our personal life experiences, have finally led to the moment of us stepping inside of a school or conservation placement as a figure that will help foster an engaging learning environment.

Immediately, faculty and staff were so helpful guiding us through schools, allowing us to observe and familiarize ourselves with the way various classrooms operate. Everyone seemed so ready to help us find our way, answer questions, and make us feel comfortable and welcome. It is overwhelming to put yourself into a new environment where community is established, and even more remarkable to be accepted. As we move forward, we hope to inspire and learn from the students that we met this week.