Finding a summer job may get easier


If you’re one of the thousands of youth looking for a summer job, you may be in luck.

At the recent White House Summer Jobs Summit, President Obama called on businesses, nonprofits and government to join in creating nearly 180,000 youth summer employment opportunities including jobs, internships and career training positions.

SCA President Dale Penny was at the White House, the only invited rep from a national conservation organization, and he reported that Assistant Secretary of the Interior David Hayes noted “The Department of the Interior provided over 12,500 jobs and internships for young people on America’s public lands last summer and we are proud to work with the Student Conservation Association in these programs.”

SCA accounted for up to a quarter of those DOI positions, and we anticipate even more service opportunities will be available this summer. Of course, the competition to fill them will grow as well. As one State University of New York student told summit attendees during a panel discussion: “We don’t want your pity or a hand-out. We only need a chance.”

Here’s an overview of the youth employment opportunities that will be offered through the Summer Jobs + Initiative:

  • Learn and Earn: Provide jobs for the summer of 2012 in the form of paid internships and/or permanent positions that provide on-the-job training. Of the roughly 180,000 job commitments announced more than 70,000 are Learn and Earn commitments.
  • Life Skills: Provide work-related soft skills, such as communication, time management and teamwork, through coursework and/or experience.This includes resume writing or interview workshops and mentorship programs.
  • Work Skills: Provide insight into the world of work to prepare for employment. This includes job shadow days and internships.More information about this initiative can be found at

Click here to review and apply for SCA summer internships and crews or learn more about the White House Summer Jobs+ Initiative.

In early March the White House is planning to launch a one-stop search tool for youth to access the postings from any participating employers. Be on the look out for the Summer Jobs+ Bank.