Finally having internet = many group posts


This week the babies travelled back to their lovely Coronado National Memorial of the National Park Service of the United States of America of the world of the Milky Way Galaxy to stop the process known as erosion. Working in their beloved Agave restoration field, the team quarried rocks that they used in creating check dams throughout the field. Despite the numerous snow storms, the team successfully pulled desert broom from the field in order to maintain it as a grassland. The team successfully partnered with the National Park Service trail crew in locating the lost boy, Peter Pan, in the Chiricahua Mountains and celebrated that evening on the feast of St. Patrick. The crew sadly marks the passage of member professor Gina Bono, botanist Ph.D. who sailed on to greener pastures of Sitka, Alaska. We wish the “professor” much luck in her new duties.

Chief resident baby Brain Hull was helping his sweetie move to Texas while the rest of the babies, now numbering only three, headed North to the lovely and wet Montezuma’s Castle and Well. After a brief respite at the Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree National Parks, the babies took on the task of making Montezuma’s buildings fire-wise! Partnering with the Saguaro (Suh-hwar-oh), the team ensured that no government building would burn down in the future. Afterward, the babies partnered with Ted, also of the SCA variety, to tackle the Kosha Weed crisis of 2012, which they successfully achieved. Along with attending a star party, the team also vanquished Lehmann Lovegrass and Hordeum grass throughout the park.

With Brain back in tow, the crew headed to Tucson to attend S212 saw training class, which they all passed with flying colors. They then made their way back to the beautiful Chiricauhas, the land of ice and snow. Although they had a cold and grumpy start, the gang successfully completed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on Megan’s ipod. Way to go Harry. This hitch the crew worked extensively in the Bonita Canyon area of the park to remove Common Mullein and Horehound. The gang also got practice in bucking and splitting firewood, putting their new chainsaw skills to use.

After a short weekend, the crew resumed invasives work in the park, expanding this time to Sugarloaf Mountain and the Natural Bridge trail. Rounding out this hitch, the gang headed to Fort Bowie National Historic Site to work on erosion control, fence repair, trail maintenance, mesquite thinning, and invasive removal. Soon they will be moving to their much anticipated new home in Bisbee, Arizona, hot tub included. Turn on the jets!