Final Thoughts & the Final Report


Looking back on this season, there are several things we could say as we reminisce about our time here; how exciting it was meeting so many people with similar interests in conservation, seeing parts of the US that we would not have been able to see without support from Americorps and the SCA, or how much each of us has grown personally. Instead of trying to cram what would take hours of conversation to communicate into this or a report, you’ll find a focus on our goals and achievements in our final report (attached). We were here to get stuff done, after all. There will also be a tiny bit about us and a couple of thoughts on this season.

That being the case, there is something we would like to say here. We were, as far as we know, the first Conservation Corps crew to ever be in Oklahoma. If not ever, it had been a really, really long time. There have been individual interns at various agencies, but a crew like us offers something completely different to the community. Because of that, we took our roles seriously, hoping to show through dedication and hard work exactly what an SCA crew could do, and we believe we were successful. From the feedback agency partners and others gave us, we exceeded expectations. For those who follow after us here in Oklahoma, continue what we have begun. Help maintain the reputation of SCA and effect responsible conservation in these communities.

Now that our time here together has come to the end, we will always look back on this experience fondly. Yes, the work was hard, the environment was harsh, and we were far from home, but experiencing everything together as a team, sharing in each other’s lives, dwarfed any hardships we had. We were happy, annoyed, frustrated, excited, satisfied, unsure, confused, lost, mad, concerned, and hopeful, together. This season would not have been what it was without each of us. As we all move on to our next steps, whatever they may be, we leave hopeful of what the future will bring. We also leave knowing that although we can never return to this season, this season and this team will be with each of us, always.