Final Report- FWS Trails Inventory 2011


Even though it seems like it just began, the 2012 FWS Trails Inventory, or “FishTrACS” as it has become more commonly known, has come to a close. Members went their seperate ways in November, and Alex Olsen and Tyler Lobdell, the management staff, have moved on to other projsects. But the good news is that this year was a great success. Attached to this page is a pdf version of the official Final Report, which gives all sorts of excellent statistics, information, and photos of the year’s accomplishments. We look forward to repeating all this in a few years when the trails need inventorying again. A huge thanks to all the folks that made this possible: Nathan Caldwell of the FWS, Andy Byra and Rick Huso of Federal Highways, Scott Weaver, Joey Ruehrwein, and Ron Hassel of SCA, and certainly our own Tyler Lobdell for steering the ship so ably this year, and all the members for working so hard to make the program a success on the ground. Sincerely, Alex Olsen, Program Manager