Face-time, not FaceBook; Hands-on Not Virtual; the Many Faces of Conservation.


Pop quiz: can you name the four times the SCA NH corps has had face-time with the Governor of New Hampshire this year?!

Let’s face it, Gov. John Lynch is doing a great job of getting out and about and seeing what service in NH is all about this year.  Check out the SCA Manchester community page for #4 meeting with him and our great Conservation Leadership Corps of Manchester high school members.  If that wasn’t enough, we’ll be rubbing elbows with Gov. Lynch again next month as SCA has been invited to the Governors Conference on Service.

Meanwhile, SCA NH corps is busy transitioning out of the Education and Servicie Learning program and gearing up for the conservation field season.  We’ll spare you the gory pictures of open fractures and head wounds while the corps is currently taking their Wilderness First Responders course, but leave it to say they are having a great time and picking up useful skills (which they, hopefully, won’t have to use too much this season.)

In another week we’ll be welcoming bus loads of Manchester youth for field trips to Bear Brook State Park.  Our team of Park Interpreters will be getting them in the water and thicket to expore NH habitat.  The high school team will squeeze in, yet another service project in the area, just before digging into conservation skills trainings.

Just another day in the NH corps!  and another, and another, and another…stay tuned and get on out there while your at it!