Explore & Protect Alaska: SCA High School National Crew


SCA organizes teams of Alaskan youth to protect Alaska’s parks

SCA trains, organizes and empowers young Alaskans to protect, preserve and explore their native Alaska wilderness. Teams of Alaska high school students ages 15 – 19 come together to camp out, build trails, restore the environment and explore the beauty of their natural treasures. In the process, they discover the power within themselves to create change and be part of protecting something much bigger than themselves.

Looking for an adventure? Looking for a challenge? If you are a local Alaska high school student, learn more about SCA’s Alaska Regional Crew.

Projects like these are made possible in part by SCA donors who believe in giving young people the opportunities to not only appreciate the power of nature but to understand their responsibility to protect it. Help us transform more lives through service to nature. Make a donation to SCA.