Experience, the real life teacher


An Elk herd passing by the road near the dam.

Experience is everything, ranging from surviving skills in wild expeditions to work experience in different areas of interest. I have learned that reading material on the internet or books will not get people the real life experience where they can feel, smell, see, or suffer though different situations.

As of now, I have experienced so much with the opportunities I take advantage of in work and college environments. Traveling is part of my main experience. It is the way to get out of the box, learn about what actually happens around the world and about what there is to enjoy.

A marmot scratching that annoying itch.

I attend Texas A&M University, a huge school, and big schools come with benefits. They have a numerous amount of clubs of all kinds: study abroad to many countries, different workshops, intramural sports, and work opportunities. I have taken advantage of many clubs in my college, including office positions, as well as study abroad opportunities. Both past winter semester study abroad trips I took concentrated in mammal research, in the awesome countries of South Africa and New Zealand. Both of these opportunities have taught me lifestyles around the world and an unforgettable experience.

A ground squirrel staying alert of his surroundings.

The SCA is a great organization that I find very useful, it is a steppingstone to at least seasonal job openings. I remember seeing the SCA flyers in my college during my freshman year, but I never took action until I went to an SCA workshop led by a recruiter. College is about exploring yourself and your life interests to find the best fitting career. Taking part in an SCA internship teaches people about what to expect on the job of interest, along with a network, AND with opportunities to go to amazing places in the US.

Working in the visitor center going over a Junior Ranger paper.

Right now I love working in Grand Teton National Park. There are rare times when I actually get bored here, but other than that summer is going fast!! I’ve only got a month left to enjoy this place and finish some of my activity goals. As you read before, I work as a Volunteer Coordinator. On days when we only have one group of volunteers a day, I dedicate myself to work in the Colter Bay Visitor Center. Visitor Centers get all kinds of questions. You get asked the same questions so many times, that when you answer it you sound like a recorded voice in a machine. But I don’t mind when I get asked simple or repetitive questions. I feel I tell them about too many trails when sometimes they’re only here for a day, and spend more time at Yellowstone (which I don’t find as fascinating as Grand Teton). There are some occasions when it gets big and someone looses a kid so we have to call a ranger, like one time when it turned out the kid was in the restaurant asking for directions. Other times the visitor center is empty and you get to have conversations with fellow coworkers. I like teaching people nature topics, so I talked to the Colter Bay District Interpreter to see if I could do a program at night, when my random schedule does not interfere. So now I am set up to present an evening program on pronghorn, the mysterious speed machine. I’m excited for that!

Blue Heron in Heron Pond seen in one of my local hikes.

This SCA internship has given me a great amount of experience so far, and I plan to seek for more. I live by experiencing the resources this planet offers, experience from: different activities/sports, different job positions in parks or refuges, foods, environments, places, people, technology devices, etc. I like to be open to anything that comes in my path. Bliss comes from the journey of the goal, not necessarily from the goal itself.