Every day is different


Today marks almost a month since the start of my internship at Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge (RCNWR) in Wells, Maine. Let me tell you, it has been an amazing month. From the first day, the staff has not only been kind and generous but funny, open, and fully committed to making every day better than the one before. I was so nervous entering RCNWR because I didn’t know if I would be under-qualified or perhaps not “granola” enough to fit in. But, I was wrong to make these assumptions.

Everything I have learned in college has facilitated me in advancing in this internship. I have used classes such as Biology of Plants to Fluid Earth class to really get a step up and handle on the work load.

In June, I learned how to monitor an endangered species called Piping Plovers. I’ve learned all about these birds as well as Least Terns which also inhabit the beaches I patrol. I’ve also learned about many of the native and invasive plants in Maine. I’ve done outreach programs on the refuge trails, as well as outreach to locals and visitors on the beaches informing them about what we do at Rachel Carson and what species we are trying to protect. I’ve even gotten to participate in bird banding and nest searching on the salt marshes. Now I’m CPR/First Aid/AED certified too!

I love how different every day is at Rachel Carson. One day I’ll be on the beach, another I’ll be in the salt marsh, and then the next day I’ll be in the office working on some type of project.

The month of July is going to be a busy one, but I can’t wait for each day to bring something new and exciting!

Follow me on the adventures I take on this special refuge in Maine!