We started this hitch down in Yucca Valley. We met Doug, a permaculturist. He showed us around his house and told the crew about basic and simple techniques to be more respectful to the environment in our living. He was big on collecting rainwater and using old things to make new ones, such as an old trampoline he turned into a star gazing surface and a surface to provide shade for his patio.
The next day, we started our LNT (Leave No Trace) course. Darren guided us and told us of the 7 pillars of LNT:
Thou shalt plan ahead and prepare.
Thou shalt travel and camp on durable surfaces.
Thou shalt dispose of waste properly.
Thou must leave what thou hast found.
Thou shalt minimize campfire impacts
Thou will respect wildlife.
Thou shalt will be considerate of other visitors.

We then left, leaving no trace whatsoever of our presence in Yucca, and headed back into the Rands, where we do what we do best : restoration and saving the tortoises. We spent 4 days, and four nights, and on the 4th night, it rained. We had the boat built, but couldn’t find any tortoises, so we gave up and sat in the tent and drank hot coco.

On our final day of work, we went to Sand Canyon to help teach the local children about the desert. Lots of fun and laughter.