Erin Mounce



My name’s Erin! I’m from Baldwinsville, New York, which is just outside of Syracuse and only a couple of hours from the Adirondacks. I’m currently in school at the University of Connecticut studying ecology and evolutionary biology with a minor in wildlife conservation. At school, I’m on the women’s rowing team, and as a result, I am no stranger to waking up early and working hard! I started my hands-on conservation work last summer in Borneo volunteering with Orangutan Foundation International building bridges through swamps with an awesome group of people from all over the world. I was also a part of the Environmental Club at my school where I participated in clean-ups, invasive plant clearings and recycling education. Apart from rowing I’m a big animal lover who can’t wait to come home to my family and ‘the zoo,’ with a dog, three cats, a guinea pig and a number of chickens. I enjoy running, reading and spending ample amounts of time outside to hike, do homework, go camping or simply relax!


I’m really into wildlife conservation because I feel like animals have as much of a right to live on this planet as we do. I want all future generations to see the wonders of this world from wildlife to national parks. I hope to be a part of the positive change regarding conservation and I feel there is no better place to start than the SCA!