Erin “Leigh” Knudsen


Erin “Leigh” Knudsen
Nevada Resource Stewardship Corps
Project Leader Bio

I first worked for the SCA as a member of the Jawbone Crew, Desert Restoration Corps, in ’07-’08 and loved everything about it. I loved the freezing cold, the extreme heat, the 60 MPH winds and all the sand in my food, but most of all I loved my crew and seeing the impact of our work. Since working with the SCA I went on to be an environmental educator in Alabama and then decided to get my masters in Environmental Sustainability and Conflict Resolution from George Mason University. While in graduate school I held several part times jobs working as a naturalist, substitute teacher, kayaking trip leader, GMU learning partner and a retail specialist for an outdoor store and with the help of coffee, chocolate and supportive friends I managed to earn Summa cum laude honors.

This summer I am BACK with the SCA as the Project Leader for the Nevada Resource Stewardship Corps and I’m totally stoked! My crew and I are going to be living in the wild lands of Nevada helping to protect and restore habitat and trails as well as recreational and historical sites. Off hitch, I plan to spend my time out in the desert and up in the Sierra Mountains, kayaking (I have been an obsessed white water boater for 18 years), hiking and going on other awesome adventures. I will also be completing my thesis when I have access to the internet, in which I am looking at land use conflicts in the Mojave Desert and the impacts of adaptive collaborative management. The SCA has had a huge influence on my life and I am thrilled to serve again.