Erika Jensen


Hmmm… How to begin? Well, for starters I’m a Junior at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point, where I am majoring in Environmental Education and Conservation Biology. My hope is that one day I will be able to work for the National or State Park Service or possibly a wildlife refuge system.

Ever since I was little I’ve had a great love of the outdoors, which was fueled by my family’s many trips to state and national parks during our vacations. I love spending time outdoors, whether it be hiking, camping, biking, or just lounging. Because of this, I decided during my last few years of high school to attend the School of Environmental Studies, which is an optional high school that focuses on environmental science and natural resources management. I figured it would be a great oppurtunity for people like me who preferred learning in smaller group settings and loved nature. However, my time there opened my eyes up to the importance of many environmental issues and the importance of managing our resources. This is ultimately what led me to choose my current school and major, and since then I’ve enjoyed learning more about our earth and what we can do to protect it.

Besides my outdoor hobbies, I enjoy reading all sorts of fiction, comic books, and watching movies. Essentially, I really love a good story. I’m pretty open to new things and ideas, which is pretty much going to be this entire experience for me. I’ve never really done much backpacking before, so I think that this summer will be a real exciting and beneficial adventure!