Engaging Students


By: Connor Goncz Walter

Education season is here! When I first got assigned to teach at Hawlemont Regional School, I was beyond excited to be working with a school that had an agricultural program. On our first day we were greeted by many of the students. We got the chance to see the barn and all of the animals! The outside pen is right next to the playground and the goats were so friendly. They even have a chicken coop and it’s a daily chore to go out and collect the eggs. I was fascinated by how all the students work together as team to take care of the barn and the animals.

Teaching for me has really been a life changing experience. The kids are so excited to see us walk into their classrooms. I have been able to teach American Sign Language since I am deaf myself. It always amazes me to see the students come up to me and sign to me what they remember the next day. It just shows how much a difference I am making with my teaching. They are remembering key words in weather terminology with sign language.

Also a fun aspect of my daily life is dressing up as characters for lessons. The kids absolutely love it and you capture their attention in what you are trying to teach. I am constantly learning by being around a great staff of teachers and from my fellow peers. This is such a great program and has really helped me with deciding on what I want to do with my environmental career.