The End Times


Famous Last Words from the Rands:


Well folks, it is time to say “sayanora,” “see you later,” “au revoir.” Our romping in the Mojave Desert, in the Rand Mountains, has come to a close.

It’s been a beautiful closing hitch. Just to give you an idea, it has been filled with such things as game nights, jam sessions, closing circle, a 30 person hug, delicious food, a top chef competition, a raging pool party, monster incursions, rattlesnake encounters, blooming prickly pear, dirty faces, birthdays, ice cream sundays, desert torti (as we like to call them), and an incredible close community of genuine folks. To these people and things, we bid adieu.

But before we go, we would like to share a few last words with you.
From the crew:

I trust you.
Can I not participate in this?
My sentence will be.
The rocket box smells like s***.
Yeah man.
It’s been a great season.

“’Love me or hate me,’ the desert seems to say, ‘this is what I am and this is what I shall remain. Go north for astonishment if you must have it. What I offer is different.’”
-Krutch, The Desert Year

The desert has truly offered us a “different,” unique, and meaningful experience. One we will take with us when we go.

To the desert and our community here: See ya later alligator.