Education outreach in HOT-lanta!


Hi, Everyone!

My name is Steven. This summer I have been in HOT-lanta and boy is it hot. My internship has been at the United States Fish and Wildlife Service’s Southeast Regional Office in Atlanta working in Visitor Services and Outreach.

During my internship, I have had the opportunity to visit field sites throughout the region. The outreach program that I am helping with in the first picture was at Savannah National Wildlife Refuge in Savannah, GA for the local YMCA. The kids were asked to draw a picture of animals that they would see at the refuge. The most popular animal drawn was that of the Blue Goose, the symbol of the National Wildlife Refuge System.

Also, in my trip to Savannah I saw remnants of original rice fields, trunk water control structures, and narrow dikes, which are still visible in some places. The second picture is of a rice trunk I took when I was beating the mosquitoes off my body as we RAN down a trail.