East Nashville is the place to be!


During the Spring 2013 Leader Team session in Nashville, members will take on a more structured version of what it means to be a leader. In addition to surveys and greater attention to administrative details, members in the Nashville Leader Team have created specialized goals that support the SCA’s Pillars of Conservation Learning to both strengthen skills and build new ones. We will conduct surveys in extended spring hours while planning service projects that will engage the Nashville community, give us a better perspective on local environmental issues and help ready members for leadership roles. Fortunately, the East Nashville neighborhood where the Spring 2013 Leader Team has been placed is overwhelmed with awesome opportunities to participate in conservation projects. From the Nashville GreenWay, to local food cooperatives and community gardens and public green spaces, members in the Nashville area will have an easy time finding ways to fulfill the SCA’s third Pillar of Conservation Learning. After brief conversations I have had with Eva and Mike, it has become clear that the drive exists to really dig into community engagement and make a positive impact on local green spaces. During the spring, members will be encouraged to take ownership of the surveys they are conducting. By owning their own schedule and understanding the value of the information for the ACoE, members can find pride in their contributions to the ACoE. By being the voice of the SCA and the ACoE, members can educate the public about the SCA mission and the purpose of the surveys in that mission. Members have been encouraged to put a lot of thought and intent in the projects they wish to participate in to satisfy the Pillars of Conservation Learning. While it is obvious that both Eva and Mike have interest in work in the environmental field, discussions about how their projects might relate to their professional future and the networking that can support those goals is never ending. Written by Sophie Louis