East Fork Hitch


During the past week we were in Southern Utah near Bryce Canyon. We were in a location known as Dave’s Hollow. In our time in the area we were working on previously established plots. This required us to use a GPS unit to find the general location of a particular plot followed by us hunting down a piece of rebar which would mark the exact location of each plot. Following this we would collect fuel loading in the plot area. This required us to record surface fuels, types of trees and the shrubs on each plot. We complete 51 plots during our hitch.



One night while staying in Dave’s Hollow, a bird decided to provide some excitement before bedtime. We had left the door open to help cool down the cabin and while sitting on the couch a bird could be heard making noises, but we thought nothing of it until it suddenly flew into the cabin and went into the kitchen. David P. and Kevin J. being the only two around rushed to find our hard-hats for protection and grabbed a pair of brooms. Armed with our ppe we ventured back into the cabin and found the bird sitting on a loaf of bread. We flipped the light in the kitchen off and turned it on in the living room. This combined with some bird noises provided by David convinced the bird to come our way where we then over the next 15 minutes chased it around the room. To our initial frustration, and later amusement, the bird continuously went everywhere except towards the door from which it arrived. Using our brooms to try and convince it to fly in certain directions, and hoping it would not poop on our beds out of fear, we eventually convinced it to fly out the door. Following an exciting, and tiring, 15 minutes we closed the door and laughed. Don’t worry, no harm came to the bird.