EarthVision on the Road, pt.2


Hey everyone, Daniel Parr back again with an update of EarthVision: On the Road.

I’ve been getting a lot of enthusiastic, positive responses from alumni and non-alumni alike about the potential that EarthVision has. I’d like you to meet an attendee I’ve had the pleasure of meeting…

AZ!Alisa Zomer is a recent graduate of DC’s own George Washington University, and she has come back to the area after a short hiatus to work in the conservation field. Originally from Massachusetts, Alisa is a two-time SCA alumnus, and served on summer crews after both her junior and senior years of high school.

From her first assignment in Pecos National Historic Park to build a latrine (“with a nice view,” her crew leader suggested), to sledding on an inflated Thermarest in Olympic National Park, Alisa’s experiences with the SCA have given her memories never to forget. “Even thinking about those summers makes me smile,” she says.

Alisa is looking forward to networking with people at EarthVision, and sharing the inspiration of her involvement in conservation and the outdoors. “When you meet with people in a common arena, the energy just explodes!” she says.

Alisa will be just one of the five hundred people that will gather here in Washington, DC to speak out, educate, and give service to their capital and country this April. Sign up today and be a part of this momentous event!

See you there!