EarthVision on the Road, pt.1


Me, looking good

All right! Daniel Parr here, SCA Mass Parks ’07 alum, current CLC DC Crew leader, and newly-appointed EarthVision Communications Specialist. As our big summit approaches, I’ll be posting updates full of the wittiest commentary I can muster on the people I meet, the highlights of my school visits, and whatever else finds its way onto the screen as I travel all over the place and get people pumped up for the best weekend ever. Alumni, tuck in your shirts, because I’m taking as many pictures as I can! I’ve been working in our DC office, which is full of great people (and one hero) who are all committed to the SCA’s mission and have already been a great help in getting me on my way. Big shout-out. There’s a lot of research, phone calls, and emails to be done, but I’ve already gotten some great feedback from SCA alumni at The University of Maryland (College Park, MD) and the College of William & Mary (Williamsburg, VA), two of the SCA’s biggest alumni bases in the DC region. I’m really looking forward to getting onto those campuses and beyond, and with the great help that’s been pledged, get the word out about what a great opportunity EarthVision is… I mean, look at the agenda. Some of the best people in the conservation field are going to be there! And we get to do some real, tangible work at some of the most historic sites in the capital. Did I mention how beautiful DC is in the spring? Oh man, it’s going to be great! So stay tuned! Have a great holiday season, save travels and all that. I personally will be happy to scoot back up to NH for a few days, where there’s actually some snow . . .