From Dreaming It to Living It


On May 15, 2016, thousands of soon-to-be graduates, donned in cap and gown, lined Syracuse University’s Carrier Dome and eagerly awaited the next step: the start of their professional careers.

Amongst that crowd of students was me, the television, radio, and film major who discovered too late in his college career that he was deeply concerned about climate change and wanted to work professionally in protecting the earth.

Thus, when the moment came for my classmates and I to turn our tassels and throw our caps into the air, I threw mine with uncertainty, wondering how I would transition into environmental conservation.

I then moved back to my hometown in northeastern Pennsylvania and began my job search. That’s when fate led me to the Student Conservation Association website, where I found a program for young adults seeking to work in conservation.

The program details caught my interest, and I applied in a heartbeat. With that, my journey with the Pennsylvania Outdoor Corps began.

I’ll never forget my first day as a member of the PA Outdoor Corps. I remember thinking how amazing it was to be working in a position that allowed me to hike on the job. Most importantly, it felt rewarding to know that I was giving back to the public by clearing a trail for others’ benefit…

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