Download an app to find a park near you and support SCA!


Two good things in one app: find parks near you and support SCA! What more could you ask for?

American Park Network, creator of Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder™, a free mobile app that helps users finds nearby parks based on the user’s preferred location and activities, announced today that Ford Explorer will donate $1-per-download to SCA and three other non-profit organizations, in proporation to the votes received.

Together we, the four non-profits, will receive a total of $150,000, with funding to be distributed in proportion to the votes received. So, download the app, click on the SCA logo and cast your vote for SCA.

The app is FREE and you can influence how much money SCA receives by downloading today (or updating if you already use the app) and voting for SCA. The campaign ends on Sept. 30th so there are just a few days left.

To download Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder™, visit the iTunes App Store or Google Play, or go to