Domtar & SCA Revitalize Sanborn Nature Trail


Working Hard in Port Huron!

On Saturday, September 29th forty-two bright and eager Domtar Employees, Family Members, and Friends helped revitalize Sanborn Natural Trail in Port Huron. Port Huron Parks  & Recreation Staff,  who usually maintain the trail has experienced a busy summer. With a staff of only seven to maintain 19 city parks, the trail hasn’t gotten as much attention as community members would like. Park Staff were excited to have to have Domtar Volunteers out to provide some much-needed love to the trail and adjacent streets. 

The morning started off with a warm breakfast and volunteers split into three groups.  Our first group included our littlest and mightiest volunteers that had the opportunity to beautify park benches, bridges and entryways by staining the wood a lovely dark brown. This stain will help the wood stay fresh and prevent any rotting over the winter months. 

Our second group dubbed themselves the Trailblazers! and they certainly lived up to their name.  This group not only cleared brush and overgrown trees to make the trail more accessible to visitors but they even created a new entryway into the trail by removing a downed tree and clearing a new path. 

Our final group helped out parks and rec in a big way! Our largest group of the day was charged with clearing the thoroughfare adjacent to the park. This was a quarter mile stretch of brush and overgrown shrubs that made it impossible for community members to walk along the edge of the park. Volunteers removed the brush and the park and trail are now accessible to community members wishing to enter off of Appomattox Dr. 

In total, Domtar Port Huron Volunteers cleared brush  2,112 feet of trail and additional 1056 feet of brush on the thoroughfare. They also stained two footbridges, two archways, and fifteen wooden bollards. Hats off to the awesome Port Huron Crew and all of their hard work!