Domtar and SCA Transform the Community Kitchen of Bennettsville


Between October 18 and 19, SCA worked alongside Domtar employees to host two separate events in Bennettsville, SC. The weekend kicked off with Employees from the Marlboro Mill and Tatum Converting Center helping SCA Community Ambassadors to host a seed ball quick touch activation for 72 second-graders from the McColl Elementary Middle School. Students learned about the importance of pollinators and native wildflowers to healthy ecosystems. The students then helped create nearly 300 seed balls that contain native wildflower seeds. These seed balls can be scattered wherever wildflowers will bloom in order to create more pollinator habitat.


The following day, volunteers once again rallied for their community. At the Community Kitchen of Bennettsville, volunteers worked to transform the courtyard space into an inviting and safe respite for the homeless community.

The Kitchen, as it’s known locally, is a community organization whose mission is to physically and spiritually feed the homeless population of Bennettsville and surrounding counties. On average, the organization feeds lunch to approximately 130 people per day.

Over 80 Domtar employees joined with the SCA to install benches, picnic tables, and swings as seating options for visitors. Sunshades were installed to provide shelter from the summer heat and lights were hung to soften the space and add additional lighting. Volunteers added color to the courtyard by installing custom painted trash cans and potted bushes and flowers. Visitors can stop by one of two new storage boxes to pick up a handmade bedroll, also provided by the volunteers of The Kitchen.

The entire experience was truly moving and the amount of dedication and support shown by the community was overwhelming. The spirit of volunteerism and the devotion to service is clearly a part of everyday life for the Domtar family and the rest of the Bennettsville community.



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