Domtar and SCA Make a Huge Impact in Dryden, Ontario


Domtar Employees, Family and Friends Help Clean Up Lions Park!


On Saturday, June 16th, Domtar Employees teamed up with SCA and Dryden Parks to  truly embody the phrase “At Work for the Planet.”  Domtar volunteers worked to make Lions Park a safe and welcoming community space. This project was particularly special for Dryden Parks Staff as this was one of the community parks taken off of their maintenance list due to budget cuts. This relatively small park, nestled next to the local high school was once a neighboorhood staple with swing sets and walking trails accessible to families and students. Since the budget cuts, the swing sets have been removed and the brush and trails have become overgrown making this a space for unwanted behavior.  This park was long overdue for some Domtar volunteer magic! 

In total, nearly 60 Domtar volunteers cleared 18,000 sq meters of brush, trash, and overgrown trees. Public works staff were able to remove 20 tandem loads of brush and, by the end of the day, all, areas of the park were visible through the tree line. 

Despite it being the biggest fishing day of the year, the turn out of volunteers was amazing, with nearly 60 volunteers showing up!  Domtar’s employees, family, and friends met early in the morning energized and ready to take down brush, pick up trash, and identify safety hazards. Volunteers were led by Dryden Public Works Staff and worked tirelessly in the sun and heat. Dryden Public Works Manager, Colin Hawkins confessed that he would be happy with any outcome of the volunteer event but was blown away by the amount of brush and trash removed by the end of the day!

For SCA Coordinator, Alycia Chuney, this was the first event that she had the opportunity to organize and she was overwhelmed by the compassion and love this team had for their community. “When starting this project, I could already tell that the folks in Dryden loved their community through our emails and phone conversations, but to see it all come together was amazing.” The event also had a great impact on neighbors who live near the park as well. One couple whose house is directly across the street from the park said, “we are so happy to see volunteers here, we hope this encourages people  to start using the park more recreationally now!” This event was a success for Domtar and those in the Dryden Community!




Big thanks to Domtar for their continuing support of SCA programs across the country! Read more about Domtar’s partnership with SCA.